A new 8-week session begins February 2024!

Acting Classes

Acting Lessons

Embark on a transformative journey through acting classes at Liberti Actors Lab, guided by Louie, a seasoned actor with over 30 years of experience. Rooted in the techniques of Lee Strasberg and Sandy Meisner, our classes delve into the essence of the acting process. The invaluable repetition exercises and shared circumstances form the foundation for compelling scene work. His approach emphasizes cultivating a strong sense of privacy in public spaces, a crucial element for creating affective memories.

Louie's curiosity about the craft of acting is boundless. Acknowledging acting as one of the most challenging art forms, he recognizes actors as the instruments of their art, utilizing emotions, psychology, value systems, and interpersonal relationships. In this unique learning environment, individual attention is paramount, as he draws on his wealth of experience to provide tailored solutions for each actor's personal challenges. All levels of expertise are welcome, as we believe in the power of personalized guidance to unlock the full potential of every actor.

$350.00 8 Classes Monthly

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Experience the difference of personalized attention as we delve into your strengths and weaknesses, nurturing your growth as an artist. Contact us today to elevate your craft and embark on a personalized journey towards artistic excellence.