A new 8-week session begins August 2024!

Acting Classes

Audition Coaching

Elevate your audition game with Louie's expert guidance in audition coaching. Benefit from his decades of experience and delve into the intricacies of dramaturgy to explore the most truthful choices when auditioning for a role. Louie's unique approach involves breaking down scripts swiftly and efficiently, focusing on given circumstances, emotional life, objectives, actions, and relationships.

In the competitive world of auditions, Louie empowers actors to stand out from the crowd by discovering interesting characteristics that make a lasting impression. Whether it's in-person auditions or self-tape submissions, our coaching services are designed to help you uncover the dynamic truth of the scene and increase your chances of booking the job. Join us for audition coaching at the Liberti Actors Lab and let your talent shine through.

$125.00 75-Minute Session

Unleash Your Artistic Journey

Experience the difference of personalized attention as we delve into your strengths and weaknesses, nurturing your growth as an artist. Contact us today to elevate your craft and embark on a personalized journey towards artistic excellence.