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Actor and Founder

Louie Liberti

Louie Liberti has been acting, teaching, and directing for over 30 years. He's thoroughly educated in the Sanford-Meisner technique as well as Lee Strasberg's method. Both derive from Stanislavski's System of Acting. Television credits include recurring on NBC's medical drama ER for six seasons as well as CBS’s NCIS:LA. In addition to performing in theaters all over Los Angeles, he’s also directed and developed several one-person shows, including his own solo show, Almost Made.

As an actor, he has worked in every medium, navigating all kinds of challenges. Whether in live theater, his own solo play, a big-budget network series, or a low-budget film, the principles of acting do not change. The demands from job to job may change but the use and execution of our instrument do not. It’s a lifelong commitment to keep our instruments at peak performance.

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