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Solo Show Developent

Discover the transformative power of your personal narrative with our solo autobiographical play development classes. Louie, having honed his skills in the Mark Travis technique, guides you through the process of exploring and presenting your unique stories. Move beyond superficial shortcuts and embrace the truth of your experiences, avoiding the common pitfalls associated with solo shows.

Solo shows, often misunderstood, can be profound game-changers, both personally and professionally. Drawing from his own experience, Louie assists you in distilling lengthy narratives into a compelling 75-minute play. Through thought-provoking questions and encouragement, he helps you unearth your authentic voice. Some of the notable solo shows developed and directed by Louie include "Regretro-Sexual," "This Can't Be a Coincidence," and "Times Like These." Let us be your travel guide in unlocking the courage to share the story that only you can tell.

“Almost Made” is a wonderfully written show. Full of intricately worked anecdotes, stories within stories and a slow build to a powerful emotional conclusion. It flows beautifully, like “Goodfellas,” with incredible characters and no agenda or judgment and yet there is at its center, the breaking of a boy’s heart. It’s also very, very funny, with gorgeously wrought twists and turns, all play out with panache and poignancy by the writer and wonderful actor Louie Liberti. But what really got to me was the sadness of it.


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